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Commercial Mediation in the Digital Era

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I’m thrilled to announce that as an editor and one of authors of our book titled “Commercial Mediation in the Digital Era” published by Lexis Nexis is launched. UIA- LN Publication Collections – Collective Authors Book:11 presents broader trigger perspectives and techniques about mediation process which includes preparation, ethic rules, using mediation styles, negotiation and bargaining, role of counselor and settlement via either prestigious authors’ knowledges and experiences or sample ODR Platform Rules and application such as Italian and South American during the commercial online mediation. Moreover, it seeks whether artificial intelligence may be used during negotiation and presents how to build “decision- tree analysis” including risk analysis and cost and benefit analysis for banking, financial and other commercial disputes. Lastly, it introduces international rule making activities, enforcement procedure for Mediation Settlement Agreement in the Digital Era within the shadow of Singapore Convention on Mediation and questions whether it creates access to justice via online dispute resolution.

My article is titled: “Evaluation of an Online Dispute Resolution System: The Role of Mediator in Commercial Disputes and the Importance of the Decision Tree Analysis”. It emphasizes the role of mediator in the commercial online mediation and which using techniques should be beneficial while building decision tree analysis. It also highlights whether parties or counsels should get benefit risk analysis and cost- benefit analysis via either authorized person/firms or artificial intelligence during the negotiation for especially banking and financial disputes. As a summary, I would like to suggest our book for all mediators, advocates and the parties who will be involved in the online commercial mediation and express very special thanks to my exemplar team which includes Nadja Alexander, Zoe Giannopoulou, Amanda Bucklow, Thomas P. Valenti, Thomas Gaultier, Yoshihisa Hayakawa, Federico Antich, Rahim Shamji, Mauricio Gomm Santos, Alexander Simoes, Azubike Okoye and Vakhtang G. for their great commitments, professionalisms, and fantastic jobs. I’m especially grateful to UIA and Lexis Nexis for their inspiration, interest, support, and production of this book.